Компьютерные технологии в науке и образовании

Computer in Science and Education

Lecturer: Ksenia Lomovskaya, Assistant Professor, Telecommunication Systems Department, MIET

Distribution of hours: 18 weeks: 72 hours of class study (18 hours of  lectures, 18 hours of seminars, and 36 hours of labs) and  72 hours of self study

ECTS Credits: 4

General goals:

  • Provide an understanding of the role computer usage can play in solving problems connected with science research and education.
  • Help students to be confident with using all present electronic tools for research, education and making scientific reports.
  • Prepare students for using education systems and software which appear to be used in all other subjects in current Master Program.

 Specific goals

  • Provide easy steps to make a illustrative and clear scientific report using e-tools.
  • Prepare students to perform applied patent search, write a grant application or proposal for collaborative work.

Syllabus Computer in Science and Education

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