Телекоммуникационные системы и технологии

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Carle, Dr. Christian Grothoff, Dr. Nils Kammenhuber

Lectures: approx. 22 – 24 lectures x 90 minutes

Exercises: 5 Exercises x 120 – 240 minutes

ECTS Credits: 5

Exam: Oral exam – approx. 20-25 minutes

Course Description: PDF

Official Web page: WWW

Goal: Understanding the dynamics in today’s networks is a key qualification for any professional in the area of computer networks. By requiring basic knowledge of networks as a prerequisite, the master level course can focus in-depth discussion of key protocols, mechanisms, and technologies as well as advanced topics like network architectures, network measurement, resilience, and design paradigms for the Future Internet. The theoretic parts of the lecture are augmented by five hands-on assignments. These include low-level C and socket programming as well as measurements and structural analysis of the Internet. Hands-on assignments – even comparatively complex implementation tasks – are in general appreciated by the students at the TUM. Besides technical aspects of such assignments we encourage our students to work in teams of two or three people. This way, students learn to work in teams, organize themselves, and support each other. As a side effect, students also get familiar with version control systems like SVN.

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